Soldiers of Steam

Attack on the Cloud Mistress

Session 1

Tonight’s Cast:

Brother Mikas E. Black
Benedict Lucius
Yuna Maston
(Mysterious Spectator)

Due to the lack of a full cast, a small mini-session was held prior with Brother Black and Benedict. The two shared a nice glass of wine with Mr.Schaffer aboard the Cloud Mistress before being attacked by an unknown group of assailants.

Tonight’s session kicked off right in the middle of the action, a squad of Prop-Pack bearing pirates floating towards the deck as fighter planes circled Cloud Mistress. Suddenly, a hot tempered woman bust out from the lower decks, shouting commands to the security staff. Revealing herself as Chief Engineer Yuna Maston, the Brochovichian wasted no time in abusing Benedict and rushing to her ship’s defence.

Meanwhile, Benedict had led Brother Black to the front of the airship so that the two wouldn’t get cornered. It wasn’t long before the three Prop-Pack pirates had their sights set on the duo. Benedict drew his knives and prepared to defend himself whilst Mikas lunged out confidently on the offensive.

It wasn’t long before Yuna’s gigantic gun transformed a pirate fighter into a flaming wreckage.

With one fighter down, Yuna decided to turn her sights on the Prop-pack pirates harrasing Bendict and Black. Initially missing her target, she eventually managed to rip a sizeable hole in the pirate’s leg, scaring the crap out of Benedict in the process as the bullets whizzed awfully close to him. Eventually, the three pirates went down: Benedict finally managing to score a kill and Black smashing one into unconciousness.

As the fighting drew to a temporay break, an ominous shadow cast itself over the deck as a large armoured Striker plane lay waste to the security crew with it’s deadly Heavy Gatling. Yuna managed to score a few hits on it just before the session ended, with all the cast completley unharmed.



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